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Approved Ordinances & Resolutions
2018 Resolutions
Resolution No. Effective Date Summary of Resolution
2018-1 3/7/18 Resolution approving BCPL loan request for Municipal General Obligation Debt for the Sports Complex.
2018-2 2/7/18 Resolution approving wages effective January 1, 2018.
2018-3 4/4/18 A Resolution adopting the Town of Cedarburg Comprehensive Park Plan (2018-2022).
2018-4 8/1/18 A resolution for the Wisconsin RPC and DNR Great Lakes Basin Tree Planting Grant Program.
2018-5 9/5/18 A resolution to accept a monetary and artwork donation from Kenneth and Edith Korb for the Town Sports Complex Project.
2018-6 9/5/18 A resolution to name the Town of Cedarburg Sports Complex the Korb Sports Complex.
2018-7 9/5/18 A resolution appointing Grota Appraisals, LLC as the Town Assessor and approving a contract for the maintenance of assessment records 2019-2021”.
2018-8 12/5/18 A resolution approving the Town of Cedarburg Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Fee Schedule.
2018-9 12/5/18 A resolution approving the 2019 Town of Cedarburg Building Permit Fee Schedule.

2018 Ordinances
Ordinance No. Effective Date Summary of Ordinance
2018-1 6/6/18 Ordinance amending Chapter 320: Zoning regarding berms.
2018-2 6/6/18 Ordinance amending Section 320-137 of the Town Code to add massage therapy and personal training as professional office uses.
2018-3 10/3/18 Ordinance amending Chapter 320 Zoning relating to accessory structures.
2018-4 12/5/18 Ordinance rezoning certain lands Zoned R-2 Single-Family Residential to E-1 Estate Residential and Amend the Zoning Map located at 2231 CTH I.
2018-5 12/5/18 Ordinance rezoning certain lands Zoned CR-B Countryside Residential B to A-1 Agricultural and Amend the Zoning Map for 11309 STH 60.