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2008 Resolutions
Resolution No. Effective Date Summary of Resolution
2008-01 1/7/2008 Resolution Approving Wages Effective January 1, 2008
2008-02 2/6/2008 Resolution Approving the Updated Town of Cedarburg Fiscal Year 2008 Annual Fee Schedule
2008-03 2/20/2008 Resolution of the Plan Commission Recommending the Town Board Adopt the 2035 Town of Cedarburg Comprehensive Plan
2008-04 3/5/2008 Resolution Recognizing Karen Behrens for over Twelve Years of Dedicated Service
2008-05 4/2/2008 Resolution Updating the Town of Cedarburg Fiscal Year 2008 Fee Schedule
2008-06 4/2/2008 Resolution Authorizing Town Clerk Dawn Priddy for Town Credit Card Use
2008-07 4/2/2008 Resolution authorizing the submittal of a grant application by the Town of Cedarburg and the appropriate subsequent appropriation of Town funds for an Urban Non-point Source project for the planning for storm water total suspended solids removal mitigation.
2008-08 5/7/2008 Resolution adopting the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Agreement, an agreement coordinating emergency medical and fire protection services in the case of a large-scale emergency, natural disaster, or man-made catastrophy.
2008-09 5/7/2008 Resolution Updating the Town of Cedarburg Fiscal Year 2008 Fee Schedule; adding an overweight vehicle permit fee ($50).
2008-10 9/3/2008 Resolution adopting the Ozaukee County All Hazards Mitigation Plan.
2008-11 9/3/2008 Resolution authorizing the purchase of a 3.65 acre parcel at 1267 Washington Avenue.
2008-12 10/1/2008 Resolution recognizing Niel Filter for 25 years of dedicated service on the Public Works Crew.
2008-13 10/1/2008 Resolution Updating the Town of Cedarburg Fiscal Year 2008 Fee Schedule; establishes fees for stormwater management plan review and facility construction inspection ($325 + additional review costs above base fee).
2008-14 11/5/2008 Resolution recognizing Robert Heidtke for 25 years of dedicated service on the Public Works Crew.
2008-15 11/5/2008 Resolution recognizing Edward Beimborn for 18 years of dedicated service to the Town, serving on the Town Board, and as Chairman of the Park Commission and Park & Open Space Committee.
2008-16 12/3/2008 Resolution appointing Roger Kison as the Building Inspector for the Town of Cedarburg and approving the agreement for Building Inspection services for 2009.
2008-17 12/3/2008 Resolution approving the 2009 Town of Cedarburg Building Permit Fee Schedule.
2008-18 12/3/2008 Resolution approving the Town of Cedarburg Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Fee Schedule.
2008-19 12/3/2008 Resolution to accept the Town highway and sidewalk right-of-way dedication of Five Corners Drive and sidewalk to the Town of Cedarburg.
2008-20 12/3/2008 Resolution to approve a License Agreement with 5 Corners Development, LLC, as Owner of the Commons at 5 Corners for an irrigation system located within the right-of-way at Five Corners Drive.
2008-21 12/3/2008 Resolution designating the public depositories and authorizing withdrawal of Town monies for tax collection purposes.

2008 Ordinances
Ordinance No. Effective Date Summary of Ordinance
2008-01 1/7/08 Ordinance Lowering the Speed Limit on Cedar Creek Road from CTH NN to Covered Bridge Road from 55mph to 45 mph.
2008-02 1/7/08 Ordinance Lowering the Speed Limit on Kaehlers Mill Road from a point 1,800 Feet East of Horns Corners Road to Covered Bridge Road from 55mph to 35mph.
2008-03 1/7/08 Ordinance Lowering the Speed Limit on Bridge Street from the City of Cedarburg Corporate Limits to Starlet Drive from 45mph to 35mph.
2008-04 2/6/08 Ordinance Amending Chapter 320; Sections 25 & 110 Relating to Non-Residential Building Size Restrictions in A-1 zoning.
2008-05 2/6/08 Ordinance Requiring All Residences Purchase a Town Approved Refuse Cart by December 31, 2010.
2008-06 Pending Pending
2008-07 4/2/08 Ordinance Adopting the Town of Cedarburg Comprehensive Plan: 2035.
2008-08 5/7/08 Ordinance Amending Chapter 320 to include the E-1 Estate District as an available residential zoning district for lands being rezoned from an agricultural district.
2008-09 5/7/08 An ordinance amending Chapter 320-29 regulating outbuildings in the E-1 Estate District.
2008-10 5/7/08 Ordinance rezoning 5.023 Acres of the Meinert property located at 11787 Cedar Creek Road from A-1 (Agricultural) to E-1 (Estate).
2008-11 5/7/08 Ordinance amending Chapter 184; requiring the payment of impact fees upon issuance of a building permit (among other changes to bring impact fee ordinances into compliance with state statutes).
2008-12 5/7/08 Ordinance amending Chapter 279; relating to the number of parcels served by a shared driveway (7) and the number of improved or unimproved driveway openings allowed per parcel.
2008-13 5/7/08 Ordinance amending Section 305-10 relating to heavy traffic routes and permits for vehicles of excessive weight.
2008-14 10/1/08 Ordinance amending Section 320-84 relating to the location of temporary real estate signs.
2008-15 10/1/08 Ordinance amending Chapter 232 allowing camping in Pleasant Valley Nature Park by youth scouting groups though a permit.
2008-16 10/1/08 Ordinance amending Subsection 184-13 E. and creating Chapter 185 regarding Post Construction Stormwater Management.
2008-17 10/1/08 Ordinance repealing Chapter 123 Construction Site Erosion Control, and creating Chapter 110 also titled Construction Site Erosion Control.
2008-18 10/1/08 Ordinance repealing Subsection 108-13 D. Stormwater, and creating Section 108-13.01 regulating Illicit Discharges and Connections.
2008-19 10/1/08 Ordinance amending Section 279-7 prohibiting the clustering of mailboxes (two or more mailboxes per post) in residential districts.
2008-20 12/3/08 Changed to Ordinance 2009-3.
2008-21 12/3/08 Ordinance amending Section 16-6 reducing the size of the Town of Cedarburg Park Committee from 6 members to 4 members, and renaming the Committee the "Town of Cedarburg Park Committee" (formerly known as the Park and Open Space Committee).
2008-22 12/3/08 Ordinance amending Section 305-8 adding Five Corners Drive to the list of those streets with a speed limit of 25 mph.