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Olson Minor Land Division

Application submitted 5-31-16
Concept Plan Commission meeting 4-20-16
Plan Commission meeting 6-15-16
Town Board upcoming

Applicant Contact Info Staff Contact Info
David & Sandra Olson
10197 STH 60
Eric Ryer
Assistant Administrator
Eric Ryer

David and Sandra Olson have submitted a minor land division application following their favorable concept plan discussion at the April 20th Plan Commission meeting. They would like to divide 5.006 acres from their 50.11 acre parcel located at 10197 STH 60 on the south side of STH 60 in between Granville and Horns Corners Road.

Concept Plan Commission Meeting: April 20, 2016
The Plan Commission discussed the concept idea at their meeting on April 20th, unanimously recommending the applicant to move forward with submitting land division application based on the concept plan.

Plan Commission Meeting: June 15th, 2016
The Plan Commission discussed the land division application at their meeting on June 15th, and made a favorable recommendation to the Town Board.

Town Board Meeting: July 6, 2016

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Plan Commission Memorandum

Plan Commission Packet

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