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Plan Commission
Landmarks Commission
Park & Recreation Committee
Zoning Board of Appeals

The Town of Cedarburg Plan Commission is a statutory Commission with seven members. The Town Chairman, a Town Supervisor and five (5) citizens of the Town comprise the seven members of the Plan Commission.

The Town of Cedarburg Plan Commission meets the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall. The Plan Commission reviews all zoning, subdivision, site plan and conditional use permit requests. After reviewing a submittal the Plan Commission forwards a formal recommendation to the Town Board.

Plan Commissioners Address Telephone No.
David Salvaggio (Chair) 12202 Western Avenue 262/377-6779
Wayne Pipkorn 8871 Bridge Street 262/355-5049
Rick Goeckner 10421 Lawndale Drive 262/618-2520
Mark Wittenberg 2487 Lakeridge Court 262/377-7431
Dan Wundrock 809 Horns Corners Road 262/377-3435
Larry Lechner 1853 Stoneridge Lane 414/870-8016
Anne Lewandowski 992 Elm Road 262/377-5720

The Landmarks Commission is composed of seven (7) qualified persons, competent and informed in the historical, architectural and cultural traditions of the community, to be appointed by the Town Chairman, subject to the confirmation by the Town Board by majority vote.

The duties of the Landmarks Commission include:

  • Actively work for the passage of enabling legislation which would permit the granting of full or partial tax exemptions to properties it has designated under the provisions of this section.
  • Work closely and keep in communication with the Ozaukee County Historical Society and State Historical Society of Wisconsin.
  • Work for the continuing education of the citizens of Cedarburg regarding the historic heritage of this Town, the landmarks and the landmark sites designated under the provisions of this Code of Ordinances.

Landmarks Commissioners Address Telephone No.
Carol Boettcher (Chair) 7881 Kaehlers Mill Road 262/375-6173
Stacy Cooke 1835 Stoneridge Lane 262/512-1390
F. Eric Utz 2234 CTH I 262/375-1639
Ray Pecor 199 Green Bay Road 262/376-0121
Jim Gollnick P.O. Box 466 Cedarburg 414/614-0889
Don Borgwardt 300 Stonefield Drive 262/377-5978
Darla Valentine 8835 Sherman Road 262/377-1622

The Committee is composed of four (4) Town of Cedarburg citizen members and one Town Supervisor. Two members address facilities and activities associated with passive Town parks, while two other members address facilities and activities associated with active Town parks. The Town Board member addresses both active and passive facilities and activities. The citizen members are appointed by the Town Chairperson with the majority approval of the Town Board and are appointed for three-year terms in April. The Supervisor member of the Committee is appointed by the Town Chairman with the majority approval of the Town Board in April of each year. Insofar as practical and with due regard to qualifications, the citizen members shall be from different parts of the Town of Cedarburg.

The Committee has their regular monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month, at Town Hall (1293 Washington Avenue) at 5:00pm or a different location as specified by the Committee. The Town Administrator serves as the staff liaison for the Committee meetings.

In an advisory capacity to the Town Board, the Committee undertakes planning, development, acquisition, expansion, disposition, maintenance and use of all parks and recreation facilities in the Town of Cedarburg. The Committee works to provide the broadest community benefit in its provision of parks and recreation activities in the Town and acts to sustain, enhance and preserve the natural resources of the Town of Cedarburg. The Committee also makes recommendations to the Town Board when it deems appropriate to make application for grant funds from state agencies for the purpose of creating or enhancing the Town's parks and related facilities and recreation programs.
Park & Recreation Members Address Telephone No.
Thomas Esser (Chair) 348 Granville Road 414/405-3581
Carol Boettcher 7881 Kaehlers Mill Road 262/375-6173
Matt Geszvain 1259 John Lane 262/387-1360
Keith Martin 11923 Western Avenue 262/376-5110
John Bishop 243 Hamilton Road 262/376-0622

The Zoning Board of Appeals may, in appropriate cases and subject to appropriate conditions and safeguards, make special exceptions to the terms of the Town Zoning Ordinance in harmony with its general purpose and intent and in accordance with general or specific rules.

The Zoning Board of Appeals consists of five regular members and two alternate members appointed by the Chairperson subject to majority confirmation of the Town Board; no Town Supervisors serve on the Zoning Board. The members are appointed for three-year terms in April.

The Zoning Board meets as needed at Town Hall (1293 Washington Avenue).

Zoning Board Members Address Telephone No.
Dennis Rickard (Chair) 1766 Washington Ave. 262/375-2027
Jim Lovering 7975 Hill N Dale Ct. 262/377-4144
Bill Morse 9816 Pioneer Road 262/470-9817
Robert Schroeder 475 Bluebird Circle 262/377-3252
Richard Larson 10583 Crestview Dr. 262/377-6883
Sharon Nieman-Koebert (Alt.) 9212 Western Ave. 262/377-5164
Don Borgwardt (2nd Alt.) 300 Stonefield Drive 262/377-5978