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Cedar Crest Rezone / CUP

Concept Plan
Plan Commission concept meeting 2-15-17

Rezone & Minor Land Division Applications
Plan Commission meeting 3-15-17
Town Board approved both applications 4-5-17

Applicant Contact Info Staff Contact Info
Cedar Crest (Tim Kohlwey)
Site: 7359 STH 60
Eric Ryer
Assistant Administrator/Clerk
Eric Ryer

Tim Kohlwey of Cedar Crest Ice Cream submitted a concept application to rezone the southern portion of their 1.75 acre property from M-2 to B-3. Currently, the parcel has split zoning; the north portion is zoned B-3 Business, while the south portion is zoned M-2 Planned Industrial & Mixed Use district. They are interested in constructing a freezer warehouse addition, and obtaining one consistent zoning for the entire parcel will allow for amending the conditional use permit as required by Town Code.

Plan Commission Concept Meeting: February 15, 2017
The Plan Commission held a discussion to address the idea of the rezone to prepare for an addition and conditional use permit amendment. The Commission directed the project to move forward, with the applicant to submit formal rezone and conditional use permit applications.

Plan Commission Meeting: March 15, 2017
The Plan Commission held a public hearing on the conditional use permit application, discussed the rezone and CUP applications, and unanimously recommended the Town Board approve both applications.

Town Board Meeting: April 5, 2017
The Town Board held a public hearing on the rezone application, considered both applications, and unanimously approved both the rezone application and CUP applications submitted by Cedar Crest for the property located at 7359 STH 60 regarding plans for a freezer addition.

Project Resources


Concept Plan Commission Packet 2-15-17


Plan Commission Packet 3-15-17


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Ordinance Rezoning Portions of the Property