Town of Cedarburg

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Town Administration

Tim Rhode, Town Administrator
Responsibilities: The Administrator shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Town Board. The Administrator shall hold office for an indefinite term, subject to removal at any time by a majority vote of the Town Board. This section, however, shall not preclude the Town Board from establishing other employment terms and conditions by contract. The Administrator shall be the chief administrative officer of the Town, responsible to the Town Board for the proper administration of the business affairs of the Town, pursuant to the statutes of the state, the ordinances of the Town, and the resolutions, motions and directives of the Town Board.

  • To carry out all legal directives of the Town Board which require administrative implementation, reporting promptly to the Town Board any difficulties encountered.
  • To be responsible for the administration of all day-to-day operations of the Town government, including the monitoring of all Town ordinances, resolutions and state statutes.
  • To keep informed concerning current legislation and administrative rules and submit appropriate reports and recommendations concerning the same to the Town Board.
  • To keep informed concerning the availability of current federal, state and county funds for local programs and assist the Town Board in obtaining these funds.
  • To keep the Town Board regularly informed about the activities of the Administrator's office by oral or written report at regular and special meetings of the Town Board.
  • To serve as personnel officer with the responsibility to see that complete and current personnel records for all Town employees are kept; evaluate the performance of all employees on a regular basis; develop and enforce high standards of performance by Town employees; and ensure that Town employees have proper working conditions.
  • To administer the budget under the guidance of the Town Board and to report on performance relative to the budget monthly.

  • Education
    University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Whitewater WI:
    B.S. Public Policy and Administration/ Emphasis in Management. December 1996
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee WI:
    Master of Public Administration/ Municipal Management Track. May 2004

Eric Ryer, Assistant Administrator/Clerk
Duties and Responsibilities: This position is responsible for coordinating land use planning, as well as managing and organizing operations of the Clerk's office which are established by State Statute and/or the Town Code. Operations include administration of elections, custodian of official Town records and administration of public records law, clerk of the Town meeting, clerk of the Town Board & Zoning Board of Appeals, handling of all legal notices required by Town Ordinance or State Statute, issuance of licenses and permits on behalf of the Town, and assisting in the codification of ordinances and resolutions. This position is responsible for a variety of other duties including research, website maintenance, invovlement with Plan Commission, and assisting in budget preparation.

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay:
(B.S.) Public Administration & Environmental Planning & Policy
(M.S.) Environmental Science & Policy
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh:
(M.S.) Public Administration

  • Wisconsin City/County Management Association
  • International City / County Management Association
  • American Planning Association
  • Wisconsin Municipal Clerk's Association

Paul Jungbauer, Recreation Coordinator
Duties and Responsibilities: This position is responsible for coordinating and promoting all recreation activities with the goal of providing high-quality programming financed exclusively with non-tax dollars, such as fundraising initiatives and user fees. This position also provides general customer service support for all Town operations.

Cardinal Stritch University: Bachelor of Sport Management

Charles Pretty, Town Treasurer
Duties and Responsibilities: Under the general direction of the Town Board, is responsible for providing monthly treasurer's reports at the Town Board meeting. Collaborates with Town Administrator regarding Town finance issues and Town investments of funds. Handles daily deposits of Town revenues.

Brad Hoeft, Town Attorney
Duties and Responsibilities:The Town Attorney is appointed by the Town Board to provide legal advice at Town Board meetings, review official documents of the Town and to assist with projects as assigned by the Town Board or Town Administrator.

Marquette University: Juris Doctorate (JD)
UW-Madison: (BA) Psychology

Ryan Fitting, Town Constable
The Town of Cedarburg Constable is Ryan Fitting. A Village of Grafton resident, Constable Fitting also works full-time for the Cedarburg Police Department.

Concordia University Wisconsin:(BA) Justice and Public Policy

Per s. 60.22(4) of the Wisconsin Statutes, the Town Constable is responsible for enforcing local ordinances and issuing citations for ordinance violations. The Constable may also assist the Cedarburg Fire Department in maintaining order at the scene of a fire.

Paul Mortimer, Building Inspector
Duties and Responsibilities:The Town Board designates the Building Inspector as the administrative enforcement officer for the Zoning Code. The Building Inspector interprets and administers the Zoning Code and issues, after on-site inspection, all permits required by Code.