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Above from left: Supervisor Esser, Chairman Salvaggio, Supervisors Wattson, Pipkorn and Wickert, Matt Burow (Catalyst Construction), and Mike Frede (Venture Space).


The Town has been actively planning for a sports complex for many years. Previously, the former Prochnow Landfill was the site on which the Town had been focusing its planning efforts. However, the property at 8611 became available for development, which is just west of the previously planned location and still within the Five Corners Business district and near the Town's OHOW Park which already has two youth baseball/softball fields. At their May 12th special meeting, the Town Board approved an offer to purchase 33.715 acres of property known as lot #4 on which to construct a sports complex.

Following that action, the Town received proposals from three architecture/engineering firms outlining their ideas and qualifications to assist with initial concept planning. Staff met with individuals from each firm to discuss expectations for services and deliverables.

When preparing the quote for the Cedarburg Sports Complex project, the quotes were to include:

1. Concept design and marketing materials of the site plan (posters and images)
2. Applicable meetings
3. Stormwater layout to be included
4. Costs to improve site/shape land and install stormwater
5. Menu for cost of improvements (lights, dugouts, fences etc.)

The Park and Recreation Committee considered the three proposals at their May 2017 meeting, recommending the Town Board approve RA Smith National for the work. The Town Board agreed with this recommendation and selected RA Smith at their meeting on June 7th, 2017.

Staff then held its initial brainstorming meeting with RA Smith and provided them with details on the facilities to include in the concept plans. RA Smith gathered site data, the wetland delineation, and draft stormwater plan for the entire 62+ acre parent parcel to be mindful when placing the Sports Complex facilities.

The next step was review of four alternative plans by the Park & Recreation Committee: Alternates A-D.

The Park & Rec Committee first considered Alternates A-C at their June 28th meeting. The Committee also took questions and comment from the public present at the meeting. The Committee then directed staff to collect comment from the public over the next several weeks. The primary takeaway from the meeting and public comment was that although the complex was designed with the intent of being a multi-use facility, the drawings showed primarily baseball diamonds.

Taking into account comment from the public and staff, RA Smith updated Alternate B and created a fourth plan, Alternate D (see details below). This option also added multi-use space into the baseball outfields.

Taking into consideration public input they received, they unanimously recommended the Town Board consider Alternate D as the preferred option. Alternate D moved the maintenance building to the southeast corner of the property and included a trail network on the property connecting to the OHOW Park. The Committee also noted the Town should keep in mind the future addition of a sidewalk along STH 60 connecting the Sports Complex to the Commons at Five Corners.

The Town Board unanimously accepted Alternate D as the working plan for the Sports Complex at their meeting on August 2nd, 2017.

Alternate D consists of a five youth baseball/softball fields with 200’ fence distance, and two larger 300’ fields. The plan includes a primary concession stand/restroom building located in the middle to service all four fields. Base paths on these larger fields would be convertible down to the youth field size making them multi-use. Bullpens are shown, and dugouts and bleachers would be located on all fields (lights could be installed as well). Hitting tunnels will be located in between the fields, with the maintenance building located at the southeast end of the property out of the way of visitors. A playground is shown south of the primary parking lot; overflow parking will spill to the two smaller lots on the south end of the parcel. Roads and lots would be gravel initially. The road plan shows a loop system optimizing traffic flow. Two stormwater ponds are shown; the north pond will drain north to the retail lot and eventually under STH 60 to the wetlands on the north side of STH 60. The south pond would drain southeast. The northeast corner of the property shows an area for future recreational facilities yet to be decided, and could be used as multi-use space for soccer or flag football.

The Town Board reviewed the draft sports complex renderings on September 6th, and discussed fundraising. Avenues for funding the complex include but are not limited to donations, grants, impact fees on hand for parks and recreation facilities, recreation user fees, and bonding. The Town has also reached out to other area youth sports organizations, the City of Cedarburg, and community groups to gauge interest in hopes of having a true community sports complex incorporating many programs. If you are interested in being part of the project, contact Administrator Tim Rhode at 262-377-4509 for more information.