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It is important that interested parties stay updated on the park planning efforts. This Sports Complex web page will attempt to accomplish this by posting summaries of the Sports Complex subcommittee meetings.

At right is a concept drawing of what a sports complex could include. Amenities shown in this concept drawing are baseball/softball fields, soccer/football fields, concessions stand, archery course, playgrounds, shelters, a network of trails, an enlarged pond, as well as onsite parking. The concept shows access points off of STH 60 and


Click here to view the final version of the recommendation report for the Sports Complex. This report summarizes the recommended active and passive recreation opportunities for the complex. A PowerPoint presentation given to the Plan Commission on March 18, 2009 summarizing the original Recommendation Report can also be viewed by clicking here.


March 9, 2009 (unapproved)
October 27, 2008
October 6, 2008
September 22, 2008
September 8, 2008

Public sentiment has been overwhelmingly in favor of the proposed Sports Complex. Residents from all walks of life agree this complex will benefit the Town by providing a recreation destination. Support is evident through letters such as that received from the 5 Corners Lion's Club, Cedarburg Area Subway, Proposed Ozaukee Sports Center, residents who signed a support petition at the Open House, and through those volunteering to serve on the Town Sports Complex Subcommittee charged with planning the park. Below is a picture of several of the members of the Sports Complex subcommittee and two Town Superviors (at the time of the picture) during a tour of the Park property (from left to right): Jeff Gylland, Brad Chaney, Steve Schuette, Christi Tamsen, Supervisor David Salvaggio, Supervisor Larry Lechner, and Mark Schwantes.