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Permits, Applications, and Development Requirements

Paul Mortimer of SafeBuilt serves as Building Inspector for the Town of Cedarburg, providing residential and commercial permit and inspection services. SafeBuilt is a State Certified inspection agency, fully licensed, bonded and insured. As an experienced Building Inspection contractor, SafeBuilt will provide complete and professional service.

To better serve you, Paul will be available for face-to-face assistance at the Cedarburg Town Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM. He can also be reached outside those office hours on his cell phone at 414-640-9523. All inspection requests must be made by calling 1-262-346-4577. Paul can be reached via email here. All inspections must be scheduled by 4pm for next business day inspections.

Wells, POWTS, Shoreland Zoning, Floodplain

Ozaukee County addresses wells, private onsite wastewater treatment systems (POWTS), and provides a Shoreland and Floodplain Zoning ordinance. For questions on these issues, contact the Ozaukee County Land and Water Management Office at 262-284-8313.

Building Area, Setbacks, Height & Design Guidelines

Below are links to answers for commonly asked questions regarding building requirements for principal and accessory structures, as well as design guidelines and standards for various types of development.

Form Description Questions? Email
Animal Guide A list of what animals are allowed in which zoning districts; some allowed by conditional use only. Eric
Principal Structures List of zoning districts & lot size, building area, setbacks, height, & conditional use requirements for principal structures on conventional lots. Eric
Accessory Buildings List of zoning districts and maximum building size and yard setbacks for accessory buildings. Eric
Two-Family Design Guidelines These guidelines provide direction when constructing two-family residential development as part of a Planned Unit Development. Eric
Design Guidelines & Standards These guidelines & standards apply to Commercial, Multi-Family, Senior Care, Institutional & Government Facilities. Eric

2017 Plan Commission Meetings & Dealines for Submittals

Form Description Questions? Email
2017 Meeting Schedule This form lists the dates for 2017 Plan Commission meetings and the deadline for application and submittal of meeting materials if you would like to be on the Plan Commission agenda and have your item considered. Eric

Permits & Applications
Form/Applications Description Questions? Email
2017 Fee Schedule This form lists the fees as set by the Town Board on an annual basis. Eric
2017 Building Permit Fee Schedule This form breaks down the rates for various permits and inspection fees. Paul Mortimer
Building Permit Application

Permit Documentation Requirements
These documents provide detail on the submission process and requirements for new homes, additions, remodels, accessory structures and commerical buildings. Paul Mortimer
Berm Permit Use this form to apply for a berm permit. Eric
Bee Keeping License Application Use this form to apply for a license to keep honey bees on a residential property. Eric
Camping Permit Youth scouting groups can use this form to apply for a camping permit for Pleasant Valley Nature Park. Eric
Conditional Use Permit A conditional use permit is required for a variety of uses. The primary reason for obtaining a conditional use permit is to operate a business in the Town of Cedarburg. Eric
Culvert Permit A culvert permit is required to modify a driveway within the Town right-of-way or locate a new driveway/culvert (New, Used, Temporary). Adam
Driveway Permit A driveway permit is required to install/repave a driveway and or approach. Adam
EL-121 Application for Absentee Ballot Complete this form and bring it to Town Hall to expedite the process of absentee voting. Eric
EL-131 Voter Registration Application Complete this form and submit it to Town Hall to register to vote in the Town of Cedarburg. Eric
Storm Water & Erosion Control Permits & Checklists Use these storm water and erosion control forms for any land disturbing construction activity. The form includes separate sections for those activities disturbing less than one acre, and those disturbing more than one acre.The permittee shall notify the Director of Public Works 48 hours prior to commencing any land disturbing construction activity. Refer to the section below for technical and performance standards for stormwater management associated with land division, and erosion and sediment control associated with construction sites. Adam
Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Requirements (NOT an application or permit) This document presents the technical and performance standards for stormwater management associated with land divisions, and erosion and sediment control associated with construction sites to be used as a guide. THE PERMIT FORMS AND APPLICATIONS ARE ABOVE Adam
Firearm Discharge Permit

WDNR Private Forest Lands Open to Public Recreation
This permit is required to discharge a firearm on any property in the Town that is not your own. There is no fee for this permit. Also included here is a link to the WDNR web mapping application that allows the public to locate private forest lands open to public recreation since they are enrolled in a Managed Forest Law Program. Eric
Fireworks Permit Application This permit is required to possess or use fireworks in the Town. There is no fee for this permit, but a certificate of insurance for bodily injury and property damage in the amount of one million dollars must be submitted before a permit will be issued. Eric
Garbage Guide A printable comprehensive list of what items will be picked up as garbage, what should be taken to the Town Recycling Center, and what should be taken to the Veolia facility in Port Washington as hazardous waste. Adam
Hazardous Waste Guide A printable list of items that are accepted at the Veolia hazardous waste facility in Port Washington for disposal, price per pound for items, as well as a map to the facility. Eric
Holding Tank Agreement
Holding Tank Termination
Click here for a holding tank agreement application, service contract form, and holding tank agreement termination form. Eric
Major Land Division Application & Complete Checklist This packet contains the complete application and checklist for the entire major land division process (land divisions creating 5 or more parcels). Eric
Minor Land Division (CSM) Application & Checklist This packet contains the application and checklist that must be completed to undergo a minor land division (aka Certified Survey map, or CSM). Eric
Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin Park/Ballfield Rental Application This application is used for the rental of the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin Fields park and/or ballfield rental. Eric
Operator License Application This applicaiton is required for those who want to serve fermented malt beverages and intoxicating liquors. Eric
Outdoor Wood-Fired Furnace Permit Application This application is first step toward installing an Outdoor Wood-Fired Furnace. (A HVAC permit is also required). Eric
Oversize / Overweight Vehicle Permit This permit is required for the operation of an oversize or overweight vehicle in the Town. These vehicles consist of those not completely on pneumatic tires or weighing more than 15,000 pounds. Adam
Park Reservation Application To reserve a park for any private use, submit this form along with the appropriate fee to Town Hall. Eric
Peddler Permit Registration Registration form required for a peddler, solicitor, or transient merchant within the Town of Cedarburg. Eric
Planned Unit Development Use this form and checklist to apply for a Planned Unit Development. Eric
Pond Permit A pond permit is required to construct a pond. A public hearing at the Town Board meeting is also required. Eric
Pool FAQs Sheet This outlines the information needed when submitting a pool or spa permit application. Eric
Refuse Cart Order Form All newly constructed homes in the Town of Cedarburg are required to purchase a refuse container from Town Hall; any Town resident may also purchase a container. Bonnie
Rezone Application Complete this form if you would like to petition to rezone a parcel of land. Eric
Permit to Work Within the Right-of-Way Complete this form if you would like to complete work within the Town right-of-way. Adam
Sign Permit A sign permit must be obtained prior to a sign being erected in the Town of Cedarburg. Eric
Site Plan Checklist This form must be submitted along with a conditional use permit. The primary objective is ensure that new developments in the Town are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Eric
Street Use Permit Application This permit is required to close off part of a Town road for use by a private party. There is a $25 fee for this permit. The Town may also require a certificate of general comprehensive liability insurance be submitted before a permit will be issued. Eric
Town Center Overlay District Zoning Application This application is required to request Town Center Overlay District zoning, allowing a high degree of flexibility in development projects. Eric
Zoning Board of Appeals Application This application is required to request a variance for your property. Eric

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