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Mrotek Rezone / Conditional Use Permit

Rezone & CUP Applications submitted 7-29-16
CUP Post Cards mailed 8-8-16
CUP Public Notice in News Graphic 8-4-16
Rezone Post Cards mailed 8-17-16/9-13-16/10-13-16
Rezone Notice in News Graphic 8-23 & 8-30-16/9-20 & 9-27-16/10-18 & 10-25-16
Plan Commission meeting 8-17-16/10-19-16
Town Board meeting 11-2-16

Applicant Contact Info Staff Contact Info
Will Mrotek
Site: 1220 Washington Ave.
Eric Ryer
Assistant Administrator/Clerk
Eric Ryer

Following his concept plan meeting with the Plan Commission in February of this year, Will Mrotek of Hometown Car Care, LLC has submitted a conditional use permit application to operate a full-service automotive repair and maintenance business, retail sale of pre-owned vehicles, towing and storage of vehicles, auto body work, and retail sale of parts for the property located at 1220 Washington Avenue just south of Five Corners Truck and Auto (in the former AA Electric building). The property is currently owned by Byers Cedarburg Properties, LLC, so the conditional use permit application that was submitted has been signed by Mr. Byers. Mr. Mrotek’s business is currently located in the City of Cedarburg. A rezone application has also been submitted to transition from M-2 to B-3 Business.

Plan Commission Meeting: August 17, 2016
The Plan Commission held a public hearing regarding the conditional use permit application, discussed both the conditional use permit and rezone applications, and unanimously recommended the Board approve both with the following changes to the CUP site plan: the addition of a stormwater pond, and the addition of several larger trees in place of several parking spaces from the proposed eastern parking lot to break up the ashpalt.

Town Board Meeting: October 7, 2016 (item tabled)
The Town Board tabled this item since all required materials were not submitted to the Town for review.

Plan Commission Meeting: October 19, 2016
The Plan Commission unanimously recommeded the Board approve the conditional use permit application with the inclusion of the revised stormwater plan treating the water with a swale system instead of a stormwater pond.

Town Board Meeting: November 2, 2016
The Town Board held a public hearing on the rezone application at their meeting on November 2nd. They unanimously approved the rezone application, and approved the CUP application on a 4-1 vote.

Project Resources


Plan Commission Packet 8-17-16


Plan Commission Packet 10-19-16


Town Board Packet 11-2-16


Ordinance Rezoning the property