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Akerlund Cell Tower

Application submitted 9-28-16
CUP Post Cards mailed 10-7-16
CUP Public Notice in News Graphic 10-6-16
Plan Commission meeting 10-19-16
CUP Post Cards mailed 2-28-17
CUP Public Notice in News Graphic 3-2-17
Plan Commission meeting 3-15-17
Town Board 5-3-17

Owner Contact Info Staff Contact Info
Scott & Patricia Akerlund
4628 Cedar Creek Road
Eric Ryer
Assistant Administrator
Eric Ryer

Joe Coyle of Pyramid Network Services, LLC (Agent for Eco-Site, Inc.) has submitted an application to locate a 120’ tall monopole cell tower at 4628 Cedar Creek Road (owned by Scott and Patricia Akerlund). Eco-Site is proposing the monopole be within a 75’x69.50’ leased area that could allow for future collocations by other carriers. Access would be provided by a 12’ wide access easement coming off the existing driveway and an 8’ wide utility easement from Cedar Creek Road. The applicant has designated a ¼ mile search ring in its application. Pursuant to Wis. Stat. Sec. 66.0404(1)(r), a “search ring” is defined as “a shape drawn on a map to indicate the general area within which a mobile service structure should be located to meet radio frequency engineering requirements, taking into account other factors including topography and the demographics of the service area.”

Plan Commission Meeting: October 19, 2016
At the request of the applicant, the Plan Commission did not hold a public hearing or discuss the matter at their meeting on October 19th (the applicant was going to research other locations).

Plan Commission Meeting: March 15, 2017
The Plan Commission held a public hearing on the matter, but made no recommendation to the Town Board at their meeting on March 15th.

Town Board Meeting: May 3, 2017
The Town Board considered final action on the application at their meeting on May 3, 2017 Board meeting, unanimously denying the application.

Project Resources


Plan Commission Packet: 10-19-2016


Plan Commission Packet: 3-15-2017


Town Board Packet: 5-3-2017