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Schnell Outbuilding CUP

CUP application submitted 11-30-16
Post cards mailed 12-6-16
Public Notice News Graphic 12-8-16
Plan Commission meeting 12-21-16
Town Board meeting 1-4-17

Applicant Contact Info Staff Contact Info
Doug & Sue Schnell
2225 Ivy Lane
Eric Ryer
Assistant Administrator/Clerk
Eric Ryer

Doug and Sue Schnell would like to construct a 1,134 square foot outbuilding on their 35 acre property located at 2225 Ivy Lane. The building would consist of one long span measuring 42’ x 27’. A principal building of this size is allowed in A-1 without architectural and site plan review since it is less than 1,500 square feet. It is of note that there is no limit on size of agricultural buildings in A-1 so long as parcel size is greater than 8 acres. However, Section 320-26 of the Town Code states that agricultural outbuildings with 500 feet of a residential district require a conditional use permit.

Plan Commission Meeting
The Plan Commission will held a public hearing, discussed the application, and unanimously recommended the Town Board approve the CUP at their meeting on December 21st.

Town Board Meeting
The Town Board discussed and unanimously approved the CUP at their meeting on January 4th.

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