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OED Supports Highway 60 expansion, Opposes Bypass

Ozaukee Economic Development recognizes that the Highway 60 corridor serves as a key east/west access system for Ozaukee residents and businesses. Strong transportation systems are vital to the area's business community as it looks to grow and prosper. Having a strong transportation link from Highway 43 in Ozaukee County to Highway 45 in Washington County serves as advantage to local businesses as they transport their goods and services.

OED strongly supports WisDOT's efforts to upgrade the corridor to ensure it meets the safety and navigation needs of our residents and businesses. Having key roads that move customers and services efficiently through our county will help local businesses grow and assist local communities attract new businesses. However, OED strongly encourages WisDOT to work with our local municipalities to ensure that the needed improvements fit the community's plans for the future.

Further, OED recommends that WisDOT eliminate the bypass option at the Town of Cedarburg. The bypass option would significantly reduce the traffic counts at the Five Corners area within the Town, which would negatively affect the local businesses. The local businesses and their representatives have voiced strong opposition to the bypass option and we understand and agree with their reasoning.

Overall, OED supports WisDOT's efforts to upgrade the Highway 60 corridor to ensure that this key east/west passage remains vital and strong.

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